Dean Campbell

aka DJ DNO

Owner, Operator, DJ, Photographer

My name is Dean Campbell, also known as DJ DNO. I am the owner, head DJ, and photographer of DC Productions ATX. I take pride in providing the best music, entertainment, and high-quality photos tailored for your special occasion. I have a passion to serve people and a love for music. Putting my passions together has given me the opportunity to become successful in this business. I have a solid reputation for providing high-quality musical entertainment, creating extraordinary events and making memories that last a lifetime. My philosophy of being successful is going above and beyond to give you exactly what you want.


“My philosophy for success is going above and beyond to give you exactly what you want by customizing each event to my customer’s needs.” – Dean Campbell 

Natassia West

Event Coordinator

With 15 years of service and event industry experience combined Natassia has seen it all. She is one of the few left that is born and raised right here in the Austin area. Her love of planning and event coordinating really transpired when she was in High School as Class President where she organized the end of the year party “Project Graduation.” This event is a lock in style party to keep new grads safe the night of their graduation to prevent accidental drinking and driving incidents. She helped raise over $45,000 to make this possible and executed the event from start to finish.


From there her passion and love for being a part of any and all types of events has only grown stronger. She has worked along side some of the top event companies throughout the Austin area at every point from bartending, catering, service, coordinating she’s done it all. Events such as SXSW, ACL, Rodeo Austin and many more are just a few of the large-scale events throughout the Austin area she has been a part of for many years. On top of the large-scale events weddings are at the top of her favorite events to coordinate. She ensures your day will run as flawless and smoothly as possible taking all the stress off you on your special day. Her dream has always been to own and run a venue of her own and though it hasn’t happened just yet she is on her way to making this dream a reality! Whether it’s a small birthday party, the wedding of your dreams, or a large charity benefit Natassia’s experience and expertise will allow you and your family to sit back, relax, and have the time of your life

Keith Farrington


Keith (A.K.A Selecta vibes) is originally from the Cayman Islands and has been living in Austin for the past 6 years. For 5 of those 6 years he has been a DJ with DC Productions. He started his career off as a hip-hop & reggae artist doing hundreds of live shows throughout the Austin area. His passion for being an entertainer lead him to a growing interest in becoming a DJ. He then began mentoring under Dean Campbell, CEO of DC Productions, for 2 years to learn the intricacies & details of DJing such as maintaining the flow of each event or wedding while keeping the atmosphere fun and entertaining. With his background of being an artist in the music scene, the transition to DJ did not take him long to grasp. Before he knew it, Selecta Vibes was making big things happen with DC Productions. He has now done over 150 weddings & events with DC Productions of all sizes. His love for music has now turned into a passionate career as a DJ. He believes no matter what the event may be, going that extra mile for every client is to be expected. The name “Selecta Vibes” stems from the Caribbean term for ‘Dj’ which is Selecta and the vibes is a play on words to show that whether he is performing as an artist, emcee, or DJ, Selecta Vibes knows how to “Select-a-vibes!”

Anthony Mathis


Growing up with a Radio Disc Jockey for a father created a lifelong interest in music and broadcasting for Anthony from a very early age. His dad would frequently take him to the radio station and give him lessons on how to use his voice and improvisational skills to provide listeners with an exceptional music listening experience. His dad allowed him to shadow many events that he played as Anthony got old enough to provide a helping hand. These included school dances, weddings, remotes and even house parties. As a teenager, Anthony took his ever-growing love for music even further when he became a guitarist. Eventually, he expanded his interest into music production, recording, and ultimately DJing.


Anthony has made it a mission to share his passion with others by providing a remarkably positive experience for his audience, regardless of the occasion and venue. From weddings to dances to parties and even solo sets, Anthony has been using his talents and skills to bring people together on the dance floor for a variety of events. He has been fortunate enough to spend the last decade following his dream and plans to continue doing so whilst perfecting his craft and fulfilling the expectations of his audience and clientele.

DJ Paul Secrest

DJ Paul Secrest started his career in music as one of the youngest radio personalities in Los Angeles in 1997, at the age of 18. He helped break some of today’s largest bands into the mainstream and gave local talent a platform to be heard with his “Live & Local with Paul Secrest” radio program. After leaving the airwaves, he began traveling to music festivals mixing music before the show for national touring acts such as Aerosmith, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Ozzfest  and No Doubt, to name a few. In 2005 Paul moved to Texas with his wife and now have 2 amazing children and still continues to pack the dance floor. Paul has performed hundreds of events from weddings and corporate parties to house parties and local charity events around Central Texas. No set is ever the same as this open-format DJ can blend today’s hottest hip hop and Top 40 to malt shop oldies and country icons as well as his own mash-ups and remixes ensuring that everyone will be entertained and hit the dance floor.

Neeko  Paoletti


Ryan Vestal


Seeing the beauty in everything is a theme that I live by. Whether it’s a flower in the concrete, the shape of the clouds, the beauty of morning, or the mystery of night, it’s all a wonder to be held; to know, to experience & to be captured. Many of lifes moments are often known, felt, yet not captured. But, left to the memory, they all fade.


I have a passion to capture it. To not leave it up to a fading memory. To grab it, embrace it, as it was. In the moment that it existed, so that you can relive it, not just replay it! As it was, for you, for your children, for your family to come, from generations afar. With crystal clear audio you can hear the laughter, the tears of joy, the sweet exchange. With clarity, viewing the expression of the groom seeing his bride walk down the aisle, the tears in the Fathers eyes as he gives her to another man, the joy in the mothers face of the first dance & the awe of the family that came from east & west to see a child they once knew, grow into a loving adult.


I am here to capture that. With 8 children of my own & a wife of 14 years, I understand the importance of capturing a moment in time. A moment in time, that we want to freeze forever. As a Cinematographer, my mission is to do just that. I want to show your story, for centuries to come.

We go above and beyond for our clients! Check out our 5 Star Ratings! Rest assure you’re in good hands with the DC Productions Team!






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